Miriel The Magical Merchant

Miriel The Magical Merchant

Help Miriel attending her customers and become her partner

Help Miriel, a magical merchant, to attend her customers at her store. You will start selling only water, eggs and flour, but after you get some money from satisfied customers you will be able to buy new equipment in order to have new products like bread, and this way you will attract new kind of customers. Be sure to be fast and pay attention to the customers hearts, this reflects the patience they actually have, if they loose it completely they will leave the store and you will loose points. At the end of each stage you will get a resume of the coins you collected, your proficiency, the average happiness of your customers as well as the amount you served and you lost.
At the main screen under the option sections, besides configuring general options like music, sound and screen view, you can also choose to enable or disable hints and tips; we recommend you to have hints and tips enabled at your first game, this way you will know exactly what you have to do at each step of the game.
Enjoy Miriel The Magical Merchant while you spread your business through the whole kingdom.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Good Graphics and great support during the game


  • After some levels the tasks become a little repetitive
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